It’s a New Year!!

The new year always brings hope. Hope that things will be better this year, because everyone knows last year was just terrible. New years’ resolutions have become more and more popular. Lose weight. Get a better job. Go back to school. Save money. Become more involved in my community. The options are endless, most people making multiple resolutions each year.

But I ask you this: have you been successful in past years with fulfilling your resolutions?? Most people will probably answer “no.” If your answer is yes, good job! From my experience, everyone makes a resolution to lose weight or save money. And the point of a new years’ resolution is to make it by the end of the year, right? So you think to yourself, “I have an entire year to do this, it should be easy!”

What’s wrong with resolutions is that no one sticks to them for very long. They think they have the whole year, so even if they get behind, they can always catch up. Right? Well, what if your resolution is to lose 20 pounds? If you lose the 20 pounds in the first 2 months, will you just stop making progress on your level of physical fitness?? You’ll just get fat again.

STOP MAKING RESOLUTIONS. Instead, make life goals in general. Ongoing goals that have no specific time frame will be much more enjoyable. If you make a goal to lose weight by summertime, what happens when you get behind and can no longer reach your goal in time? You don’t even try. Because what’s the point if you won’t have that bikini bod by June anyway? You’ll just try again next spring.

I have always been naturally thin, but by no means am I in shape. I am 5′ 6″ and about 130 pounds, size 5 jeans. So although I look alright, I have hardly any muscle and a little bit more chub than I’d like. I can’t wear tube tops because of the fat by my armpits. I can’t wear super skin tight dresses without some sort of spanks underneath, because yes, I have love handles, no matter how small they may be. I have made countless attempts to get in shape and be super toned and fit, to have that bikini body and look like a Victoria’s Secret model. I’ve set goals to do it by summertime, but it has never happened. And even though I look “okay” in a bikini, I am a little self conscious about my body.

I realized something though. Time restricted goals are just a way to set yourself up for failure. If you change your mindset, you can achieve anything. Changing your mindset is a very difficult thing to do, but it’s all up to you and you alone can do it. Change your goals. THIS IS 100% IN YOUR POWER. I made a list last year, of things in my life that needed changing in order to increase my happiness. None of the items included anyone else. My own happiness is completely up to me. The list consisted of things such as “quit my job” (I worked for terrible people and it caused a lot of stress in my life), “get a gym membership and USE IT” (using it is the most important part of this goal), and “stop caring for people who don’t care.” The list consisted of about 10 goals, most of which are ongoing. It took awhile for me to use the gym regularly, but I’m doing it and I have no intention of stopping, because I did not set any type of goal to allow me to stop. I don’t have weight loss goals, I don’t have a time frame. It is much more rewarding when it is continuous, you feel like you’re actually bettering yourself and you don’t have to feel ashamed or unworthy if you don’t achieve goals right away.

If your goal is to save money, them just do it! Yeah it might be good to save up a specific amount for a vacation you’ve been planning, but don’t stop there! Maybe you’ll save up $5000 to go to Hawaii, but 2 days before your trip, your dog gets hit by a car and needs surgery that you can’t afford. Would you save your dog or go to Hawaii? Or you get back from your trip to find your car was stolen, or whatever the case may be. Bad things in life usually happen when we least expect it. These ongoing goals help alleviate the stress caused by those things.

My point is, make goals that you can accomplish little by little every single day. You’ll be happier and have more reasons to be proud of yourself.


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